STUDIO is one immersive screen that makes your home gym connected.  Use STUDIO to take thousands of instructor led classes and get detailed metrics from any piece of equipment such as a spin bike or treadmill.


This isn’t the next best thing to the gym. It’s the smartest home gym ever. The perfectly-sized, completely portable 43” screen brings unlimited boutique classes to you by connecting to the home fitness equipment you already have, like your treadmill, spin bike, and more. Learn from instructors you’ll love, with a community that uplifts you. Lose weight. Gain muscle. Meet the new you.


Immersive 43 Inch Screen

Make Your Equipment Smart

Portable & Freestanding

2000+ Classes & New Ones Daily

The Workouts

Thousands of classes available on-demand and many new classes released every single day. Whether you're beginner or advanced, have 10 minutes or 45 minutes, love hip hop or country - there's something for EVERYONE Cycling. Running. Rowing. Boxing. Strength. Yoga. Recovery. It's All Here.


The Portal To Perfect Workouts

The immersive 43” vertical Hi-Def screen puts an instructor in the room and puts you in the zone -- making workouts fly by. Portable and affordable.

No Hanging Around

The only thing that isn’t a workout is taking it from room to room, on trips, or hiding it away. Reimagine your home gym without rearranging your home. STUDIO is built to withstand not only your workouts, but family members and little ones that could cause damage.

Class On Your Own Schedule

An incredibly comprehensive and ever-expanding selection of classes in one connected fitness hub. One screen, one subscription, all the verticals.


The Brains Behind It All

Smarten up the cardio gear you already have via Bluetooth. STUDIO can read the speed of your treadmill, or the cadence of your bike, even monitor your heart rate.

Take Command With a Tap

Quickly and easily control STUDIO and your connected equipment in real time with your iOS or Android smartphone.

Meet Your New Instructors

Get a killer workout for both body and mind with instructors who have taught for top digital fitness platforms and in-person fitness studios.


Friendly Competition

Go toe-to-toe with other beginners or pros to max out your results and your enjoyment, with STUDIO’s community-powered leaderboard.

How STUDIO Stacks Up To The Competition

Vertical screens are all the rage. Our competition only provides strength, yoga, and dance instead of connecting to equipment like your spin bike or treadmill. They also do it for a whole lot more money.


Got Questions? We've Got Answers.

Does STUDIO require a subscription?

STUDIO requires a subscription for unlimited access to classes. It also gives your entire family access to the device. A STUDIO subscription costs $39 per month.

How durable is STUDIO?

STUDIO was made to withstand your kids, being in your garage, and any other normal wear and tear. Unlike a television, the screen itself is protected by a strong layer of glass just like your smart phone.

Is there a financing plan available?

We will be offering financing shortly. If that's of interest, please message us at

What equipment does STUDIO work with?

We work with any treadmill, spin bike, rower, or punching bag. There are two ways to connect your equipment.
If it's smart equipment, we connect directly over bluetooth. If your equipment doesn't have bluetooth we offer sensors for treadmills, spin bikes, rowers, and boxing punch trackers.
We also work with all Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitors.
Here are links to some of the popular pieces of equpment
Horizon 7.8 AT Treadmill
Schwinn IC4 Spin Bike
Bowflex C6 Spin Bike
Water Rower

What countries does STUDIO ship to?

Right now, STUDIO is available for purchase in the US and Canada. We will be available worldwide in the near future.